Which Ticket Should You Get?

When it comes to buying your tickets for Disneyland it can be a bit overwhelming with all of the different options! We often get asked which pass do we usually get? Park hopper or no? 1 or 2 days? We have found that the best deal and way to spend your time at the park is to do 2 days 1 park per day instead of doing a park hopper. Now we know not everyone can do two days, so if you do only have one day then we would recommend a 1 day park hopper. But with having kids in tow it is nice to 1. not feel rushed at the parks and 2. not have to walk back and forth between parks (that is a lot of walking!)

As of today (September 11, 2019) this is the price breakdown of tickets:

2 days 1 park per day (adult): $225

2 day park hopper (adult): $280

Right there that is a $55 savings, think of how many churro’s that could buy! So overall, we don’t think a park hopper is necessary, save those legs and do a 1 park per day pass!

What to Bring to the Parks

It’s hard to know exactly what to bring to the parks. You don’t want to over pack but you also don’s want to under pack. So we have put together this list of some essentials that you do not want to forget (and some will save you $).

  • Bring your own food – this is a big one and a big money saver! We make sure to bring lots of snacks and bring lunch into the park. We eat breakfast at the hotel and enjoy buying dinner at the park. Meals can be pricey in the park so we like to save where we can. For the kiddos it can be as easy as a lunchable!
  • Double stroller – we could not do Disney without a double stroller! Even if you have kids out of the “stroller age” it is still a necessity because there is so much walking done at the parks and we don’t want whiny kids! When we go we like to get our monies worth and will open the park and close the park (sometimes a 16 hour day!). It is also so nice to have a place to store all of your stuff (lunches, diaper bag, snacks, etc.)unnamed (1)
  • Rain poncho – some people just don’t like to get wet! Splash Mountain and Grizzly River Run are known to get you wet. We like to either buy ponchos at the dollar store, or even better make our own with a large trash bags and cut holes! Easy peasy.unnamed
  • Sharpie – we like to use a sharpie to write our phone number on our kids arms in case they were to get lost!
  • Sunscreen – make sure to bring this, it is expensive in the parks!
  • Your own water bottle – bottled water costs an arm and a leg at the parks so make sure to bring your own bottle! There are drinking fountains at every bathroom to refill!
  •  Backpack or fanny pack – this is where you keep your valuables (wallet, phone, etc.) you do not want to leave in the stroller when going in line for rides. Lately we have been loving the fanny pack! It is also nice to have a few snacks in line.IMG_9924
  • Glow sticks –  we are all about stopping at the dollar store and stocking up on fun things instead of having to spend tons of money on silly souvenirs in the park.IMG-3412
  • Autograph books – bring your own autograph book! We have seen fun Disney note pads at the dollar store or we love this Disney Encyclopedia (as of today 9/17/19 it is only $8). It’s a fun book with most of the Disney characters and we love to have the charter sign by their picture!IMG_9901

Get to know us!

Hi! We are three sisters & moms and we are Disney on the Dime! We love Disneyland and we love to save money! We’ve grown up going to Disneyland and love to share our knowledge. We now have 9 kids between us and frequent the park as much as possible! Here’s a little bit about us.

Lauren has three sons and one princess. You can find her taking her kids to football or dance or doing something fun with her kids!

Emily has 3 children, two boys and a girl. Disneyland is her number one place she wants to be, but she also enjoys being a Phoenix Suns fan and hiking the Phoenix mountains.

Ali has boy/girl twins and is expecting another set of girl/girl twins! She loves to travel in her free time.

We love talking Disneyland with anyone that will listen 😉 Send an email or comment if you have any questions! We’d love to help you plan your Disneyland vacation 🙂