Fast Pass @ Disneyland – it’s FREE!

A daily ticket at Disney costs a lot. But A LOT is included in that entry price. Maximizing your time and strategy for your day is key. FASTPASS is a free feature included with your ticket and a MUST!!😜 Only select rides offer a FASTPASS and it is a time slot that you use to get in a shorter line. How it works…look up rides that offer FASTPASS (see below), take your park tickets to the FASTPASS distribution and enter each family members ticket and it will spit out a paper ticket reminder with a return time. You must return to that ride within the assigned hour and you can shave off a huge wait on most of the biggest rides!! Give the castmember your Park ticket and they will scan the FASTPASS!!👏🏻 The best part is at the bottom of the paper reminder it will tell you what time you can get your next pass. If you watch your timing you can use many throughout the day!! There’s no limit, but you can hold ONE FASTPASS at a time.

Rides that offer FASTPASS
✨Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
✨Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
✨Haunted Mansion
✨It’s a Small World
✨Indiana Jones™ Adventure
✨Matterhorn Bobsleds
✨Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
✨Space Mountain
✨Splash Mountain
✨Star Tours
✨Coming soon! Pirates of the Caribbean
🎡Goofy’s Sky School
🎡Grizzly River Run
🎡Guardians of the Galaxy
🎡Soarin’ Around the World
🎡Toy Story Midway Mania!
🎡Radiator Springs Racers
🎡The Incredicoaster

ALSO! When you get to the park at opening, FANTASMIC at Disneyland & WORLD OF COLOR at California Adventure offer a FASTPASS. Grab one in the morning before they run out so you get a seat for the show!

Max Pass

If it’s been a few years since you’ve been to Disneyland, you’ll want to become familiar with another option on how to do FastPass, it is called Max Pass. We’ve utilized it before, and LOVED IT!

Here’s how it works: you add MaxPass to your park ticket through the Disneyland app. It costs $15 per day, per ticket. Instead of walking to each individual ride and inserting your ticket to get your fast pass, you do it all on your mobile device! So easy. When you open the Disneyland app, you will see on the first screen, “get FASTPASS with Disney MaxPass”. Click that and add it to your ticket. (You can ONLY do this once you have ENTERED the park.) Once it’s added you can select the ride you want a FASTPASS for. SO! As soon as you enter the park, add your first FASTPASS on MaxPass using your mobile device. It will then tell you when you can get another one. Set an alarm and as soon as you can get another FASTPASS, jump on your mobile device and get another! If you’re at the park at opening and on top of getting new fast passes, you can get all of the major rides in before the afternoon!!

You get all your ride photos included when you purchase Max Pass!
Photo Pass photographers take quality photos and capture cute moments!
Captured this sweet photo of my 3 month old baby meeting Mickey for the first time. So glad this was captured!!

BONUS 📷📸: the MaxPass comes with PhotoPass! This is HUGE!! All the photos the photographers take, you will be able to download for FREE!! They are included in the $15 you pay. Make sure the photographer scans the PhotoPass code on your app (or hands you a paper card you can link) and you’ll have access to all your pictures! Photographers are typically at the castle, some of the characters (picture above with Mickey is from PhotoPass!), and also ALL OF THE RIDES! For example, Space Mountain, Splash mountain, Cars, Guardians of the Galaxy, you’ll get all the of those pictures taken while on the ride!! MaxPass is worth it for the pictures alone. Comment below with any questions!