Rider Switch Pass: How It Works!

Going to the Parks with little ones and still want to do the “big kid” rides? We got you covered!

So what do you do when you go to the park with little ones and want to go on a “big kid” ride? You use the rider switch pass! Here’s how it works:

With Rider Switch, one adult (14 years or older) can wait with little ones while the rest of the party goes the ride. Then, they simply switch roles to allow the adult to experience the ride without waiting in the regular line again (this can sometimes be the fast pass line or sometimes a completely different line.)

To Use Rider Switch:

  1. First, with your whole group, go to the cast member at the front of the ride and ask for a rider switch pass. The cast member will give you the rider switch pass, hold on to that paper! Part of the group goes on the ride while the other part waits with the little ones that cannot go on the ride.
  2. Once the first group is done riding the ride the person waiting with the little ones can now go on the ride and take two additional people on the ride with them. They go to the cast member and show them the rider switch pass and the cast member will direct you what line to go to.

Another awesome thing to note about the rider switch pass is that there is no return time, so if you need to catch another fast pass or grab a bite to eat, you can come back with the rider switch pass later!

**Also some rides give a paper pass, while others will upload the pass to the ticket on your phone!**

Rides that have rider switch:

⭐️ Autotopia
⭐️Thunder Mountian
⭐️Gadgets Go Coaster
⭐️Goofy’s Sky School
⭐️Grizzly River Run
⭐️Gaurdians of the Galaxy
⭐️Space Moutnain
⭐️Indiana Jones
⭐️Jumpin Jellyfish
⭐️Millennium Falcon
⭐️Radiator Springs Racers
⭐️Silly Symphony Swings
⭐️Soarin Around the World
⭐️Splash Mountain
⭐️Star Tours

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