10 Ways to SAVE money at Disneyland

  1. Bring your own snacks/food! Disneyland food is delicious, trust us we know! Pick a meal and a treat or two to enjoy, and then pack your own lunch and snacks. Especially if you are going with small children, they need a lot of snacks to last through the day and waiting in lines!
  2. Bring your own glow sticks. Hit up your dollar tree before your trip and buy glow sticks for the kids. Cast members will be selling them before nighttime parades and fireworks, beat them to it, and bring your own!
  3. Skip Max Pass. Even though Max Pass is super convenient, if you are a family of 4, that is $60/day! Designate a runner to grab all the fastpasses.
  4. Share your meals and treats! Then you’ll be able to try more and not stuff yourself silly ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Stay at hotel that you can WALK to the park. Parking at Disneyland is $25 per day, so if you’re going for multiple days, that can add up!
  6. Buy your tickets through a ticket agency. We have purchased from Undercover Tourist and you can save $11 on a 2 day 1 park per day ticket. Click here.
  7. Skip park hopping. Go for two days and do one park per day. This is the best use of your money… one day can be as much as $149, where as 2 days is $225, only $75 to add a day. Plus, save a few more dollars and click the link above ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Shop for souvenirs before your trip. You can buy Mickey memorabilia pretty much anywhere these days! Hit up Target, Walmart, amazon or dollar tree before your trip, and your kids will be just as thrilled!
  9. Bring your own water and bottles of soda. Need a diet coke while at the parks? Shop before hand and pack it in! Will save you $$$
  10. Get the freebies from the parks! Get a Birthday/anniversary/celebration pin! Get a jungle cruise map when you get off the ride. Get a piece of Ghiradelli chocolate at the Wharf in DCA!

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